Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tamia-If i were you

I look in the mirror, with you in my arms
And I see a reflection
Of a smile that says you believe in love
And just for a moment, I drifted away
But I couldn't stay cuz
A hint of love, a bit of fear
I'm tryin' to say

If I were you, I wouldn't be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
I wouldn't come near this broken heart
Just turn around and leave here
And find someone who won't hurt you
Make sure that she still believes in love
Cuz I think my heart has given up
If I were you, I wouldn't be here

Ooh yeah

I'm tryin' to protect you
From the lies that your heart tells
Even though it says that you love me
All I see is pain and misery
Seasons may change
But I can't forget the days of old
My heart ached when you walked away
I said I'd never love again

If I were you, I wouldn't be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
I wouldn't come near this broken heart
Just turn around and leave here
And find someone who won't hurt you
Make sure that she still believes in love
Cuz I think my heart has given up
If I were you, I wouldn't be here

The days go by
And I feel that you could make me happy
Time goes on
And I feel that love is at my door
And though I tell myself that you're the one
Who said those words before
Thought it hurts too much
I can't trust in love

If I were you, I wouldn't be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
I wouldn't come near this broken heart
Just turn around and leave here
And find someone who won't hurt you
Make sure that she still believes in love
Cuz my heart has given up

If I were you, I wouldn't be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
I wouldn't come near this broken heart
Just turn around and leave here
And find someone who won't hurt you
Make sure that she still believes in love

If I were you, I wouldn't be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
I wouldn't come near this broken heart
Just turn around and leave here
And find someone who won't hurt you
Make sure that she still believes in love
My heart has given up
Can't be here

If I were you, I wouldn't be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
Cuz my heart has given up
If I were you, I wouldn't be here
I wouldn't, if I were you
I wouldn't be here
Oh oh oh

Sunday, January 27, 2008

xin loi

bây h mình cũng ko bit' nói gì dây nữa.
cuộc dời của mình sao mà khổ wá di.....có ai hiểu cho mình ko?
nhình xung quay thấy ai củng vui vẻ chì co mình la dau khổ và bùn trong lòng

mình bit' la mình ko giàu có như người ta, mình hiểu chứ. nhưng mình phải bit' làm sao mới dược?
co ai giúm mình ko?
mình hiểu là má phải làm cực khổ một mình dể nuôi mình, ko có tiền dể trả tiền nhà faỉ di mượn người ta. mình hiểu chứ ko phải mỉnk ko hiểu dau.
mình cũng dau lòng lam và ghét bản thân mình lắm.
tai vỉ mình ko thể làm dược diều gì dể giúm cho má hết.

mình thật la một dưá con hư dốn luc nào cũng muốn dược mọi thứ dể má phải di làm vất vả
dể cho mình có dược những thứ mình muốn....

con xin lỗi má.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


wow! i havent update for a long time..sorry for mine laziness >< HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2008 is here! woooot
chán wa di thui, bắt đầu phải đi học lại rùi, chẳng muốn đi chút nào hết.
với lại tâm trạng mình giờ đây rất la rắc rố, đến mình còn ko hiểu đc mình nữa.........................
mình cứ co cảm giác là đang thix ay đó...nhưng mà khổ nỗi la ấy đâu co bít đến mình.
mình chưa bao h gặp ng` nào như ấy hết. ấy là con trai mà rất có cảm tình và có rất nhiều emotion.
mình mong co một ngày nào đó mình sẽ đc gặp âý. mình sẽ ko làm cho ấy bùn đâu. mình sẽ làm cho ấy cảm thấy happiness thui.

mình muốn gặp ấy lắm đó.

nu joahae. em thix anh.
chỉ mong co một ngày anh se bít đến em thui.

Saturday, December 15, 2007



준수 아,
사랑해 <3
cant wait to get my asia tour concert "O" package!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

im thankful for you.

this day has been hell for me. i really didnt know how to deal with it...it felt like my life was giving up on me. i felt so tired, and hopeless. my grade must have drop down for the 2nd quarter of this school year. but i know i was lonely. why? because i have all the people that care for me by my side, take care of me, try to make me feel better, and giving me hope for a better future.

today is thanksgiving, and i want to give this update blog to those special ppl.

MOM- i love you so much, i know how hard is it for you to raise me up by yourself. and as a single parents you have done such a wonderful jobs. i cant never ask for anything else. you have giving me everything that i ever wanted mom, you give me love, you give me my life, and you taught me how to be a good person. i dont know wat i would do without you mom. i know there have been many times that i made you sad, and mad at me, and i admit i havent been a good daughter at all. but you have always forgive me no matter wat. please always be happy and stay by my side mom. i promise i will make you proud.

DAD- i know you have always been by my side all this time. i know you are protecting me and watching me from above, i really am thankful for you and mom for bringing me into this world. all the time i spent with you when i was little is still a wonderful memories to me, and i will nener forget it. i love you dad. please take good care of mom and me.

KATHLEEN HO- HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO US! [8-27-06] hahha we are soo weird! im glad to have you as my best friend. even though we only know each other for 15 months, but it seems like we have know each other for life. we understand each other without saying a words, we can just make eye contact and BAM! XD we know wat in each other mind. of cos we fight, and argue with each other but that just made us more closer and understand each other more. i still remember the first time we spazz about TVXQ! and writing note about them in class instead of paying attention to Ms.Wilson! LOL! but hey we actually do our works, and do our homework huh? thats wat you call smart when you dont pay attention in class but you know wat to do! LOLL!! how we always buy chocolate chips cookie from the machine and share with each other since it came with two! XD haha it's soo funny how our parents leep saying we are like an old married couple who always needs each other and missing each other! =P haha and we even admit that we are! i love you so much Kathleen, you are very dear and precious to me. you have been a very very big part in my life. let's try hard and make our dream come true together. ^^ i believe in you. i trust you. KATHLEEN+MANDY = KADY COUPLE! XD BFF!!

Xing- HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY XINGIE! ^^ ( i just want to say it again! XD) when you see junsu at the concert, please tell him to wait for me and that i will come to him one day! HAHAH and please protect him from other fans! =P ahh and no mention of minhwan watsover!! cos he will get sad and disapointed! LOLL! thanks for always be there and care for me. you even txt me even when you are so far away, and it cost alot. your txt brought a smile on my face and makes me forget about those things going on in my life. "MINHWAN IS WAITING" " JUNSU IS WATCHING" LOLL!! i was cracking up so hard on that you butthead monkey! XD AISHITERU XINGIE! XD <--- im speaking jap for you! HAHA

thank you for being there for me during those hard times onni. nan onni yah~. i still remember you said this once in the cbox " i just want to drive over there, and take that girl away" haha somehow that setence meant alot to me. i know you and other care alot about me. and im very thankful for that. hope we can go on a date sometimes! LOL [ a date!!]

Hoisan-CORNY LOVE! XD onni, where are you these days?? 0_0 *looks around to find hoisan onni* i missed you alot. i love how you always thinks of me as your little sister and care for me, it makes me feel very warm inside even though i dont usualy show it out to you. do your best in college onni! and if i need help with anything about bussiness management in the future, you will be the one i look for! LOL!! HWAITING!!

Felicia-i have received alot of love from you from all these times, and i very am appreciated for that. you showed your caring, loving, and warmness when i needed it the most. just like wat i said when xing sent me her txt msg, your txt msg made me smile and felt loved on a cold day. arigatou onni.

Bernie- i miss you to! LALALA~~ hahaha how have you been these day? sorry i havent get any chance to talk to you at all. i hope you are doing fine! ^^ haha you know, someday i might just end up calling you BARNEY! LOL BARNEY AND FRIENDS! i love that show!XD

Emi Nguyen mat to -
yah! you know you are very precious to me too. as you said im a big part of your life you are also a big part of my life. i feel so comfortable talking to you about wat going in my life cos we are pretty much have gone through the same thing. LOL! it's true we both usually stressed out and angry at each other randomly hahaha but we both know we will be here for each other no matter wat. haha im still going to kick you for calling me at 12 am! MIDNIGHT! XD you crazy mat to! hahaha this qoute if from you "As you wish for a better life, i'm glad with the one i have because you are in it" it means so much to me as i read that. im glad i have you in my life too mat to, im thankful to you. i love you. mat nho yeu mat to nhieu nhieu lam. yeu hon yeu junsu and minhwan luon! LOL!! wait scratch that! HAHAH

Eli ajjuma-you know helmoni loves you very much right? well if you dont im gonna throw banana at you and steal your banana milk! ( shh dont tell your bro he gonna come after me! XD) im soo lonely without you, and i know you feel the same way. i love your spazzing time about TVXQ! and of cos now we are including FT ISLAND! LOL!! WOOOTT. when i need any updates about them, i know i can always go to you to get it ^^ im glad i met you. have i tell you i love you? well many times already yeh? but im going to say it again in KOREAN! XD! saranghae eli

Yen-you fish! how are you doing? i missed you like crazy man. i talked to yuyi earlier today and she said at college you guys was saying how much you guys missed me and my crazyness LOL! i was like wow! thats wat i keep sneezing! HAHAH i love love our crazy convo on msn, and how we fight on msn like crazy on msn! LOL!! i even danced for you! that showed how much i love you! XD i wouldnt know wat to do without cow . all this time we have known each other has been awesomely crazyness! ( haha i jsut realized i keep using the word crazy while thanking you =P) we really have been through alot of stuff together huh? good old times! and bad old times! HAHAHHA i love you cow.

Yuyi-you monkey! haha how can you show such disrespectful your president of the FBI huh? HAHAH *kicks you* dont make me take away your army of monkey! without them you would be monkey-less =p you know you love me! LOL! i love the times when you keep coming into my computer and be my virus! i know you missed me alot while i was away, and i didnt get to tell you happened and made you and yen worried. im sorry monkey ><

-TELETUBIESS!! HAHAH *runs* just like other i know you have been worried about me alot *hugs* thanks for making me a hardcore FT ISLAND fan! HAHA WOOOT!! FT IS-LA-ND LET'S GO! XD especially those minhwan's pictures! ahh it driving me nuts! hahaha i love our FT ISLAND spazz time so much!! i bet jaejinie going to love the letter you wrote for him! ^^ i would if i was him! lolx let's together become a hardcore FT ISLAND FAN! WOOOOTTT.

Danita- im sorry for making you worried by not telling you wat was going on >< i know you and other ppl have been worried alot for me, and im thankful that i always have you guys by my side. but i am not thankful for all the times you making me guilty for loving minhwan and forgeting junsu! LOL but i do admit, everytime you do that i cant help but crack up. hahahha
i hope you will get into any of those 4 colleges you are applying! HWAITING!

Ting- i love the fanfic you are writing about me and junsu! ^^ write more im very impatient to find out wat is going on next! XD you doing such a great job at it unni *claps* keep up the good work!! *hugs*

Ling- haha unni, you dont have to worry i will steal junsu away from you now XD cos i already got minhwan! HAHAH i love the time we spazz and fight about who will keep junsu! LOLL! fun fun times yeh? ^^ how are you doing these day? college must have been hard for you..but remember to take good care of yourself yeh? ^^ i miss you.

and of cos i have to thank to these wonderful boys who have giving hope and the meaning to be alive
i am thankful to their parents for bringing them to life =P kamsahamnida.
they are they one made me smile like an idiot cos of their dorkiness and crazyness~
they are also the one who made me worried to death T___T
because of them, i am trying very hard to reach my dreams and my goals.
they might not and sure does not know that im exist in this world, but it doesnt matter because i know that they are exist and thats wat made me happy.
thank you so much guys. saranghae.
WOW! this is the longest post i have ever written! *shock state* i started around 10 15 or so and now is already 11:55 midnight! XD


Thursday, October 4, 2007

CLASS OF 2010!!


this is the saying of sophomore class this year ^^.
today is class day color, and you have to show your class spirit like wearing your class color.
and sophomore color is black and silver! XD

haha yeahh!! CLASS OF 2010 SPIRIT!
i even painted my face, and wrote 2010 on both of my arms! LOL!!
i also spary my hair silver, but it came out during gym T__T

tomorow is pep rally day! but man, i dont have any yellow and purple! -_-
ahh i forgot to mention yellow and purple os our school color! HAHAH
weird? XD

ohh and today during lunch, all the senior was doing a cheer for themselves
" senior, senior, senior, senior"

freshman color is black and electric blue
sophomore color is black and silver
junior color is blue and yellow
senior color is black and green

LOL! i dont know why but only the junior doesnt have black! =P i guess cos they voted for blue and yellow? 0_0

im going to end my post with...


Friday, September 14, 2007


It's raining outside, suddenly remind me of Bi Rain " IT'S RAINING GO RAIN!!" =P . Seems like alot of you guys concern about my ex-boyfriend neh? hopefully we will meet again someday, then i will take a pic of him and show you.

*sigh* school has been started for 2 weeks now, and i already feel wiped out. Really who invented school anway? i would really like to talk to that person =_= and worse of all i have summer reading for english. I like reading but i hate taking note while reading. Seriously give me alot of mangas and i can read it for days! but i cant stand reading books and taking note even just for 20 mins or less, it killing me ><

well recently i had been promote as a Moderator in Asteria* ^^ im really happy *smiles* i love Asteria, it seems like most of my day im on Asteria! XD the time i spend on Asteria is more than the time i spend on my homework...eh im bad neh? =p

I really am missing Junsu, of course the rest of the guys as well.
Junsu went to Brazil for a Samsung CF with boa and some other singers, while the rest of the boys went to France for a photoshoot? (maybe). Ahh, and Junsu dyed his hair black again!! XD
it's nice to see him with black hair once awhile. I wonder what color he will go for next, orange-brown again? ^^

OMO!! DBSK FIVE IN THE BLACK! and SUJU 2ND ALBUM "DON'T DON" is out!! *screams* i want both!! i want it soo much!! ><
sux that i dont have paypal or anything to pay with on yesasia....

Wildy unni said, she said on the Cbox that she can order is for me then all i have to do is pay her back!! XD
ahhh also, wildy unni and i have been planning to meet each other someday, since we dont live that far from each other at all. ^^
she can pick me up then we can go out for lunch and some shopping? XD FUNN!!

man, i havent had banana for days....i think im lacking energy cos of it ><
im going to die from banana-less (is that a word?) =p
but yeah, i really want banana!!
*calling mommy*

me: mommy, can you buy me some banana when you get home from work??
her: sure honey, i have to got buy some coffee for myself too.
me: YAY!!!
her: okies ill call back later, doing pedicure for customer right now
me: ahh okies bye mom!!
her: bye!

hHAHAH YAY!! im soo happy!! finally going to have some banana to munch on and get my energy back!

ah okies i guess this is it for today.